Kiteboarding the Oregon Coast

5th Anniversary Liver Transplant!

We were at the Oregon Coast this week celebrating my 5th ‘Liver Day’ Anniversary with our friends at one of our favorite kite board locals! We enjoyed some super fun sessions in the water. The surf was mini, but we paddled around anyway and were joined by a gray whale who made a few passes to check out the waves. I had a pretty spectacular wipeout, flailing through the air on an aborted landing, slapping the water hard on my side and bruising my ribs. It knocked the wind outta me and scared me a little, but I survived. My buddy Greenwood said I was going to take a forklift to get out of bed the next morning and he was right. It did however remind me to be a little smarter going into a big competition season ahead, and maybe tone it done slightly.
I’m heading up to Hood tomorrow to make a few turns and make sure I’m dialed for Chile next week. I’m off to Chile next Wednesday for a three week training camp. Chile is enjoying their best snow year in ten years, so should be epic conditions. I’m looking forward to training hard down there and freeriding my brains out. Enjoy the pics from our OR Coast Kiteboard camp. Thanks for stoppin’ in. I’ll keep ya posted from Chile in the weeks ahead. Enjoy your summer!

Spin to win!

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