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    I enjoy participating in a wide range of athletic activities. I have always felt that participating in different sports continues to improve my athleticism, plus it keeps it interesting and fun, which is what it’s all about. Snowboarding is a unique sport that requires stamina, strength, coordination and balance. The conditions are always changing on the mountain and so should your activities.

    I like doing different things; it keeps the training fun and it continues to develop my athletic instincts. My favorites are surfing, mountain biking, kiteboarding, wakeskating, sand volleyball, and skateboarding. I love snowboarding and I enjoy preparing for it by cross-training. I choose sports that are fun and will continue to challenge me as an athlete.

    Surfing is my favorite sport when I’m not on my snowboard. I surf as much as I can in the spring and summer. When I’m not on my snowboard I’m in the water. I find surfing really compliments my snowboarding. The warm temps and tropical environment are a welcome change after a long cold winter at high and dry elevations. Surfing elongates my spine and reverses a lot of the damage to my body from a long competition and travel season. Surfing also rejuvenates my mind and spirit and motivates me for another big winter. I think surfing is the toughest sport in the word. No two waves are the same, and the ocean is constantly changing. My favorite places to surf are Nicaragua, Indo, Chile, New Zealand, Maui and Oregon. I can’t wait to get back out there.

    I kiteboard a lot in the summer as well. Kiteboarding is a fusion of all of my favorite board sports: skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, with the added challenge of sailing. Kiting is an insane core workout and a great way to improve your switch and freestyle riding without the consequences. It’s magical ripping across the Columbia River or towing into a bomb on the Oregon Coast on my kiteboard. It’s such a cool sensation. If I’m not on-snow you can usually find me in the water on my kiteboard or surfboard in the summer. See ya out there!

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